Monday, April 5, 2010

FO: Audrey

So I finally got FO photos for Audrey :) I ended up wearing it this weekend, so it wasn't until after I got photos that I realized I had meant to photo it over the dress I just finished sewing! Oops.

Anyway, this was such a fun knit. It's already seen quite a bit of wear as well. The only mod (excepting a few other minor things) was that I knit this to pattern gauge with a laceweight rather than a sportweight yarn. Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud is great to work with, it's a very fine and soft laceweight. I love the fabric I got with the gauge/yarn combo, but after seeing how it's wearing, I don't think I'd do it again.
Of course I'm still planning on finishing this one (with merino laceweight), so I guess I shouldn't speak so soon!

One of the other troubles with this fabric is that it doesn't have enough structure to hold up under closing the buttons. I chose the 30.5" size (to fit 33") and I'm really happy with the way it fits (my gauge was a tad off, so the measurements are a bit larger than the pattern...31.25" I believe, but I'd have to block it again to check). If I had knit this with a sportweight, the negative ease would be perfect, but since they pull badly with this combo, I'm sticking to leaving it as an open cardi. Which is fine, since I love it that way.

One of the few troubles I had with the pattern (which I believe was directly related to my yarn choice) was the twisted ribbing. It looks great on the finished sweater, but I never quite got the hang of purling through the back loop. Needless to say, it was slowwwww going!

Overall, I highly recommend this pattern, it was very easy to follow and so great to knit. I'm constantly envisioning more versions with other yarns. :)

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