Thursday, April 8, 2010

Simplicity 2942

Here it is...the aforementioned dress. In need of a bit of ironing :)

Pattern: Simplicity 2942 Dress, with no sleeves.

As I had noted in my previous post, the dress uses ties to achieve a waist (actually the ties were to be placed a few inches above the waist). This may have worked fine with a lighter fabric, but I was using a mediumweight (though still drapey) cotton plaid so it didn't work out very well. The dress didn't have any shape to it (even when I tied it) and the general fit was not quite right.

I recut the pattern starting at the armholes (taking about 1/2" fabric on each seam, so 1" total per side) and then came in a lot at the waist (probably took about 8" total of fabric off), I then shaped these changes down to the hem of the dress, to maintain a gradual A shape. I also omitted the ties.

Verdict: The pattern was easy to sew and I enjoyed it, however I probably wouldn't sew it again. I like the finished dress, and it fits a lot better now with the mods I made, but I just don't like it enough to sew it again! :) It turned out looking pretty good in the photos, but in person I still feel like something is a bit off. And that could just be that I don't like this style of dress on me, so don't be put off from trying this pattern, especially if you choose to use a fabric that drapes really well.


CanarySanctuary said...

I does indeed look good! I'm sure your modding forced you to learn more about dress construction than anything else. I know that's how it works with me!

Celestial said...

I think it looks cute. I'm very curious to see it in person.