Thursday, December 31, 2009

FO: Slouch and Pebble Cowl

A couple more 2009 FOs. Both of these have been finished for quite some time (though it was just recently that I put buttons on the cowl).

1. Pebble Cowl. Mmm, mindless knitting. Just a seedstitch pattern with an added buttonband (because I realized that the cowl was going to be too small). The cowl has five buttons total, it seems to be easier to wear when three of the buttons are left open however, so I don't think I'd do so many again!

2. Slouch
This was a fun project to knit, and overall I like the hat, but I think I might like a beret better, maybe something more like this beautiful project from Celestial.

Thanks to my sister for modeling (hehe, I roped her into it after she agreed to model items that I actually made for her!)

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