Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FO: Kathmandu Hat and Mittens

My first actual project with this yarn (though I had several failed swatches as well) was a feather-and-fan lace scarf. It didn't go very well. The Kathmandu Tweed yarn doesn't have much stitch definition at all, so while I loved knitting the scarf, I really didn't like the way it looked. I finally put the scarf away and decided to take the yarn out again if I came up with a better idea. A few days into December, I finally thought of something. A pair of simple stockinette mittens. Knitting up at 4sts to an inch, the mittens fairly flew off my needles and I was done knitting within just a few days. After finishing the mittens, I had an entire skein of yarn left so I decided to knit up a matching hat. I started with a 1x1 ribbed band, which I grafted together and then picked up sts around the band to knit the crown of the hat. This is my favorite way to knit a hat, even if it does involve grafting! I believe I finished this entire set in about a week. I gifted these to my sister for Christmas and I'm happy to say that she loves them! (She's modeling them in the photos).

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Ji said...

How amazing it is to have your art work shown in the way that attracts, entertains, and teaches...

I love your blog very much!
Happy new Year!
in case you wonder where i live.