Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FO: Lovegood Cardigan

Ravelry Project Link
Pattern: Lovegood by CanarySanctuary (there is a very good reason why I have knit 3 of this designer's patterns!)

Yarn: Elann Camila (LOVE this yarn, I'll definitely be knitting with it again. It did leave some fuzzies on my clothes, but it didn't make me sneeze or anything so I was able to ignore the fuzzies. It's also very soft and drapes really well) I'll be commenting on this yarn on Ravelry so watch for that if you want more info.

I love the pattern too; I think I'll probably knit this again.

(oh and big thanks to my sister for the photos!)

Mods: I lengthened the cardigan by a few inches and I cast on less stitches at the beginning. My motive for doing that was to create a smaller neckline, but it didn't really work out that well. I may add some reinforcement along the edge of the neckline so that it doesn't fall off my shoulders. I'll post details if I decide to do that. For now though, I'll need to do a bit of shopping for a new tank top (a tee-shirt looks fine underneath it, but I prefer the way it looks with a tank so I just need to find one with wider straps.)


Celestial said...

Looks super cute. And I spy a new haircut!

Rima said...

This is really gorgeous!