Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I finally finished the Lovegood Cardi tonight. I'm so happy with the way it turned out.
I'll get photos as soon as possible, but since the forecast is rain, it might be a few days.

I really dragged my feet finishing it the cardi, mainly because weaving in ends isn't really the most exciting part of finishing a sweater.

Tell me, is there any way to sew on 9 buttons without having to weave in two ends per button? I figure if they were closer together I could have just used a single piece of yarn, but they're about 1.5" apart so I did them individually.

Anyway my new theme is "onward". I love the satisfaction of finishing a project and having that great feeling of "I can knit anything now". I do have one project I need to keep working on but I think I'll be able to finish that on the side of something more entertaining.

Also, either tomorrow or Saturday (depending on how it works out) I will be going to Detta's Spindle to try out spinning wheels. I'm so excited; I'll let you know what happens!

But now, for the new knit on the block.

It will most likely be the Featherweight cardigan. I planned on making the Whisper cardi first, but I know I'll find the Featherweight more versatile for right now so Whisper will wait. Probably not for long though...I may have a bit of cardi fever.

But now, to choose the yarn. My main point with this cardi will be to wear over a black dress for a wedding I'm going to in July (yes, I know I'll be smoldering, but bear with me), so what color to choose?:

I have 1. Cascade Sock Merino fingering weight in "Snow". (Originally intended for Whisper actually)

Or 2. Misti Alpaca Lace in "Merlot"

The fingering weight will make for a thicker cardi, but the the color will be more appropriate. The laceweight will make for a lighter cardi, but the color doesn't really scream "July".


pdxknitterati said...

I went to a tips & tricks class taught by Lily Chin, and she knits her buttons into the button band. Brilliant! I'm going to try that next time. It's like hooking on beads.

Will the white fingering weight yarn leave white fuzz all over your black dress?

CanarySanctuary said...

I'm totally with you about the weaving ends in - argggh and grrr! I tried to do the "use one piece of yarn" thing, but it's really not worth the worry that it'll bunch funny and wreck all the hard work you just did in knitting the garment!

I'd vote for the white - simply based on colour. But I do believe pdxknitterati makes a good point re: white fuzz.

ps: So happy you posted about the Featherweight cardi. It's way cute, and I'd never stumbled across it before!

Celestial said...

I'm not sure if the white will leave fuzz or not. I wore my green Whisper (same yarn) over a black dress and didn't find anything left over. Granted it is a darker color. But I wore it for at least 6 hours straight and was barely idle the whole time.

Can't wait to see the finished sweater!