Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

OK, a few days late but I hope everyone had a great Christmas...I know I did!
Now that all the presents are unwrapped I am free to list the knitted gifts I was able to give.

1. Elva Argyle - made for a friend (still to be gifted actually, but my friend doesn't read the blog so its OK). I actually made these several months back, but I figured I'd list them again here.

2. Mini-Ribbed Scarf- made for the sister, who liked it muchly. By the way, this was super quick, I'm keeping it in mind for last minute gifts next year. Check the project page on Rav too, there's lots of great variations.

3. Stockings. Gave the one pictured to Celestial (Nebula Designs) I think she liked it. ;)
Also gave several others (similar to the ones previously blogged) too.

4. Trellis- Made for Grandma. She loves it.

5. Mom's Socks-OK, so I didn't finish these in time for Christmas (hardly even started in time!) but Mom doesn't mind, she is loving the way they are turning out too. Now that I'll have her personal "recipe" written I'll be able to knit her some for next year and actually finish them for Christmas!

As for me, to my utter delight, I was given Knit Picks Options! They are fantastic, I can hardly stop playing with them! I also got Harmony wood cable needles which I love as well, so exciting!
On Christmas day I swatched and cast on for Corona (a very cute hoodie pattern). Sooo excited about the sweater, I've got about three inches of ribbing done, but I'm itching to keep knitting!

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Jennifer said...

Ohhh and Ahhh, lovely gifts! Not only what you gave but, what you received. Awesome.