Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blueberry Cowl

I loved knitting this cowl. Everything about it, the yarn, gauge, and stitch was perfect for enjoyable knitting.
The yarn is my hand-dyed (remember this?) Knit Picks fingering weight dyed with five grape koolaid packets. At first I had been going for a self-striping yarn, but the colour segments didn't contrast enough. In addition, in the middle of the colour segments there were little areas where the dye had only turned the yarn a light periwinkle, messing up any visible striping.

At first when I was going through my stash, I was planning on using my Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn for a cowl, then I saw the hand-dyed skein and knew that it was perfect for what I had in mind.
I think even though I dyed the yarn for a selfstriping sock yarn, it worked great as more of a variegated and I love the way the colours rotated around the cowl.
I may still pull out the Cherry Tree for a gift though.

Project Notes:
I made a gauge swatch with my size 3 needle and got 6sts an inch. I then cast on 132 sts for the cowl. After knitting about an inch, it seemed a little to large, so I went down to 120sts which turned out perfect.
I first 10 rows of garter (which apparently "jogs" at the seam line, nice.) then 8 inches of stockinette, followed by another 10 rows of garter.
I only used about half the yarn so the rest may become fingerless mitts for the sister or a friend.
On a different note, only 4 more days till Christmas!!!
I actually ended up with a few knitted gifts (besides the stockings) so I'll blog about that after Christmas day. I'm already thinking about next year, when I plan to do more Christmas knitting.


Jennifer said...

Love it! The dye job looks wonderful too. It looks like it smells like berries too.

Celestial said...

This is so cute in person, glad I got to see it!

Side note...the cowl I have seems to keep getting wider and shorter the more I wear it. Should this happen to you be ready to block it every so often. At least it's simple to do.