Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's not even Thanksgiving yet (USA) and I'm already getting excited (and a bit nostalgic) for Christmas.

I've started thinking about watching one of my favorite movies, White Christmas ...oh do I love that movie. I'm also constantly humming Christmas carols, and thinking of pumpkin pie and gingerbread.

Today, in lieu of the cooler weather, I tried on my new wool coat with my Ribbed Mini-Scarf and then my Shetland Triangle, and they both looked and felt fantastic. The Ribbed mini-scarf is so cosy in Malabrigo, and the colour is perfect with my coat. Plus, I can easily stash it in my purse if I don't need it. As for the shawl, well let's just say I promptly cast on for another (different pattern of course!). I'll try to get a photo soon, I already sped through the first seven repeats (I'm hoping to finish in about a month).

Still thinking of the cold weather, I cast on for Paraphernalia socks a few weeks ago. I don't have photos of these yet, but I'll take some as soon as I finish up the second sock (I have about weeks worth of knitting left to do).

And getting back to the Christmas nostalgia, I decided to quick knit up a mini stocking using this pattern. I'm thinking about making several of these to put in Christmas cards.

You might notice that the "red" in this stocking isn't exactly convincing...well, it's actually not's a little bit of my leftover dark pink (very dark pink, but pink nonetheless) Cascade fixation. Next time I knit this pattern, (in addition to using red yarn!) I'll work it in the round as my seaming looks pretty bad.


Jennifer said...

What is it this year? I'm feeling all nostaglic too. I want to make and create stuff even more than ever. While I do usually knit gifts other crafty things are popping up on my radar that I'd like to do too! I think this season I'm into creating the magic. I look forward to seeing more magic from you too.

Ellen said...

I know! I'm really excited to see what everyone is making, it's a great season. :)