Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spring Ruffle Top II

I loved my first top so much, I had to give this another pattern another go.

Pattern: Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial
Fabric: Remnant from a local fabric store...I think the whole piece (2yds and 60" wide fabric made quite a piece) was something like $4-5...and this top barely made a dent in the fabric. I'm quite happy.

As you can see, this fabric is very light and see through (hence I'm wearing a tank top underneath). It also has a bit of a stretch to it, and no apparent right side/wrong side; it was harder than cotton to sew, but still pretty doable.

I made the same mods as last time, and ended up having to take in the sides a bit as well (I'm guessing this was due to the stretch of the fabric). Both of these tops will be seeing a lot of use this summer. I'm very happy with how this tutorial has worked out.

My knitting needles and spinning wheel haven't seen a whole lot of use the past few weeks as I've been sewing so often, but they are still my go-to projects when the tv is on so eventually I'm hoping to finish something in those departments!


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I really love this pattern! It's adorable and looks really wearable. And summery!