Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spring Ruffle Top...minus the ruffles.

This weekend I finally got around to burning through some of my fabric stash (ok, I only used about 1.25yds, but every bit counts!).
I decided to give Made By Rae's Spring Ruffle Top a try. I knew immediately I wanted to make the simpler ruffle-less version.
I began drafting my pattern on Friday.
By Saturday night I had a finished top. It only took about 300x of alternately sewing seams and ripping seams. Every seam rip was completely my fault. ;)
Mods: Originally this pattern called for pleats on both the front and back. I followed the instructions and sewed it that way. Then I tried it on. Eek. Extremely tent-like. A lot of finished projects that others sewed look great, so it was probably just me, but at any rate I knew something had to be done.
After contemplating a few options, I ripped out the band seams, side seams, and the pleats of the back (to the tune of an I Love Lucy re-run to maintain my sanity) and then I re cut the back subtracting the 6" designated for pleating. After resewing (without pleats) I was much happier.
The other part I had trouble with was the straps. I didn't have anyone to help me with placement so I struggled for quite a bit trying to find the correct placement. I still ended up making them a bit too short, but they work!
Fabric: Quilter's cotton from Joann. Enjoyed sewing with this. It has a pretty good drape, and is so comfortable to wear.
Overall, I really love it. So super comfortable and really fun to sew. :)


Celestial said...

now you're making me want to sew...

CanarySanctuary said...

I love it too! It's very sweet.