Monday, July 12, 2010

Pay it Forward!

A while back I got the chance to sign up on Celeste's blog for a Pay it Forward event. I'd wanted to try something like this for awhile so when Celeste posted about this event I jumped at the chance to join in. Just a few days ago I received this gorgeous hand-knit scarf from Celeste.

You can find her official blog post on it here, but here is one of her photos (used with permission of course!)

It's so so so soft and pretty.

I've gotten a bit spoiled through this gorgeous weather we've been having and I'll admit that up until I received this scarf I was pretty much dreading winter. After receiving this scarf though, I've changed my tune. I'm now excited for the chance to pair this up with my wool coat. :)

I also received two of these paper garlands. I read the blog post about these and thought they were wonderful, and now I get to have some too! (photo Celeste's)
Now for the Pay it Forward part:

I need three people to sign up to receive a gift from me and be willing to "pay it forward" to three of their friends as well.

I will probably be selecting one of the people from among my "in real life" friends, but if several of you sign up I think it'd be fun to choose you all from my blog. Also, if there's more than three I'll do a random drawing.
I'm pretty excited about this. It's always fun receiving gifts, but I love giving even more, and getting to give something handmade? Oh yes, even better!

Here's the details if you would like to join in!

Pay it Forward Details (main points stolen from Celeste)

1 - You must be willing to Pay it Forward to at least 3 other people.
2 - Those people must be willing to continue the Pay it Forward event.
3 - What you give needs to be something from you. It's technically a 'deed', so what it is depends on you. It could be something knit, sewn, baked, even a huge pot of stew, be creative.
4 - I have 6 months to send something to you. Once you receive it you have 6 months to send it on again. (I consider the 6 months a guideline...I know I'll be quite busy in the next several months so my projects may take a bit longer to arrive!)
5- If you want to join in, you have until next Monday (July 19th) to comment here to sign up.

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