Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's raining and I love it when it rains. It's just so refreshing.
I'm currently reading Little Dorrit (Dickens) and have just finished watching (for the third time) the Masterpiece Theater adaptation. Since I still have about 300pgs of the book to finish and I've already got the story resolved in my head from finishing the movie I can't decide whether to keep reading or switch to a different book. Hm.
I'm extremely excited about Alicia Paulson's new book on embroidery. I rarely pre-order books, but this may very well be an exception.
My craft table. It is quite messy. And I really really need to use it. But cleaning? Err, we'll see if it happens.
I have recently accumulated quite a bit of fabric for apparel sewing and am now seeing the need to actually begin sewing it, rather than just thinking about doing so. Again, the messy table comes to mind.
I recently began knitting another Featherweight cardigan. This time I'm planning a longer cardigan with feather and fan edging for the collar and sleeves. Pretty excited about this one. Downside? I'm ripping the sleeve of my Arisag cardigan and using that yarn for Featherweight instead. I hope to try Arisag again eventually, but the simpler Featherweight is just a better fit for me right now.
I'm very excited for Saturday. I don't really have anywhere to be, which means I can spend the entire day crafting if I wish, and I think I do. :)


CanarySanctuary said...

I love empty days, the ones that you can fill with crafting. Have a good Saturday!

Celestial said...

I love those types of days :)