Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This past Saturday found me and Celeste on a little road trip/yarn shop tour. We made it to four yarn shops (the first one was where we met up), a quilt shop, and Ikea. It was oh so fun.

I found this Rowan 4 ply cotton at the second yarn shop we stopped at. The first thing I saw in the clearance was several skeins of this 4 ply in a lime green color. I was so bummed that it wasn't a color I could ever use and reluctantly put back the skein I had picked up when my eye fell on these. Five skeins, all the same dyelot. Perfect. Oh, and did I mention they were $3.25 per skein?

Not quite sure what I'll use these for but I do have a few ideas (maybe Geodesic Cardigan or Audrey in Unst).

The next stop was to a quilt shop just across the street from where we had parked. It was a bit of an impulse stop. I saw the sign for a quilt shop and just had to drag Celeste in.

It was a great shop, they had several popular lines of fabric I've been wanting to see in person and I'll readily admit I picked up several new pieces.

These are 1/4 yd pieces, which is the yardage I usually buy. Buying so little yardage can be a bit limiting, but overall it's working well for me with these little cotton prints)

From left (sorry about the lack of links): (Wild Thyme collection, Wild Thyme collection, Storytime collection, 1933 collection, 1933 collection, Posies Yellow-1933)

And here's a closeup of the 1933 prints. I think I may very well end up purchasing this whole collection eventually. Such cute prints!

As I was waiting to check out I caught a glimpse of a display of embroidered dishtowels. As I admired the towels I was hit by a sudden desire to try embroidery (I've dabbled a bit, but never made more than a sampler). A dishtowel for $1.97 (it's huge by the way, almost a small tablecloth) and iron-on transfers for $1.50 a package? Yes please. It was an impulse buy all the way.

Here's a close-up of one set of transfers.

And the other set I purchased. Absolutely love these!

We also stopped by Ikea (my first experience setting foot in the store) and had a lot of fun there. We admired the kitchen set ups the most I think, there were a lot of great appliances to sigh over.

Overall, great weekend. :)

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