Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabric Coasters

Pattern from I Love Patchwork

I actually made this set of coasters several months back, but never got around to taking photos for a blog post. My favorite fabric in these is the Japanese print with the little milk jug, it's just so cute! The print also has several other little food items including this baguette:
This coaster I just finished a few days ago.

This time I decided to make just a single coaster since I have a lot more fabric combinations I want to try and I only need so many coasters!

Favorite fabric here? The Russian dolls.

I have a few more in-progress coasters I still need to finish up, but this weekend I'm hoping to do some apparel sewing, so the patchwork will be set aside for awhile.

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Celestial said...

Cuteness, and cute blog!