Saturday, December 12, 2009

February Baby Sweater

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This little baby sweater was such a fun knit. I wish I could have knit it in wool, but I had to make sure it was machine washable/dryable so Berroco Comfort Baby it was.

My favorite part of the sweater ironically ended up being something I'd done unintentionally. Elizabeth Zimmerman only mentions knitting buttonholes after she instructs knitting about 1.5" of the yoke, and because I didn't read ahead, I completely missed that instruction until it was too late to add knitted-in buttonholes. As you can see, what I did here was crochet one row across the garter yoke edge and then crochet another row adding three buttonholes (I chained three per buttonhole). I love the way it turned out.

Because I had to modify the pattern to work out an appropriate size with my tighter gauge, the division for the sleeves/fronts/back didn't work out exactly right. The sweater will still fit a baby, it just doesn't lay correctly because the fronts together are wider than the back.
I also knit the sleeves in the round, which was a lot quicker than the seaming method. Overall, I loved this project, even if I was knitting with acrylic!

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CanarySanctuary said...

Cool - I love it when the stars align like that and things all work out wonderfully! I think it looks very sweet.