Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some pattern help?

One of my Christmas gifts just isn’t working out.
And unfortunately, this is one of the gifts I can’t fudge on, my mom’s.
I started with some socks using this yarn. I didn’t the like the pooling, and I knew the colors weren’t really my mom’s favorites. Rip rip rip

Next, I moved on to an entrelac scarf with this yarn. Didn’t like the way it looked at all. Rip rip rip.

After that, I used the same yarn to knit a Feather and Fan scarf. For the most part I liked the way it was looking. Then, when I saw Celeste earlier this week, she pointed out something I was surprised I missed. The sides of the Feather and Fan pattern are imbalanced because the first side has two knit stitches (technically k2togs) followed by a YO, the second side has a YO followed by three knit stitches (a knit, and then two k2togs). I knit exactly following the pattern, but the pattern itself had that error in it. Besides that, I’m not sure I really like the actual scarf. The yarn is a very heavy weight with lots of tweed bumps, and the texture is almost a boucle. So it’s a little novelty yarn feeling and looking. The scarf is currently blocking, but I don’t have very high hopes, so in lieu of all this, I’m enlisting you to help me choose a new pattern.

Obviously most of you don't know my mom, but I think any of these patterns would be great for her, so just let me know which one you personally love and why.

1. Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf

Project from Zwaalie
Zwaalie's Flickr

If I made this I'm considering omitting a repeat, but I need to check finished dimensions first.

2. Madli's Shawl

Project from Agata

Agata's Flickr

This is a gorgeous piece. I would also consider making this a repeat or two smaller across.

3. Party Lace Scarf

Project from Kellelynne

kug1's flickr

This project is lovely. My one concern is curling, which has happened with the other scarves I've given her. Maybe a three stitch garter border on each side.

4. Three Sisters Scarves # Two

Project from cindym

clmadden2's Flickr

Love this photo and the project itself.

Any thoughts on these patterns?


Celestial said...

I think I like the top one the best, but the bottom one seems more like something you would enjoy knitting.

I do have a few suggestions...

1 - for 'quicker' knitting choose a pattern that does not have a lace pattern on the back. So the back side would be only (or mostly) purls or knit.

2 - choose something you don't have to seam in the middle. the top one looks like it could be this style, where you start at one end and knit to the middle...then do the same with the other end and seam together.

3 - choose something with a pattern you can easily memorize. This way you're not stuck with one eye on the pattern.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I like the top one best, too...

Good luck!