Monday, November 16, 2009


1. Miniature mittens...

I'm on a roll with these. It started last night. Funny story. I was cleaning my desk off and managed to clear off exactly 0% of the clutter when I got distracted by some Knit Picks Palette leftovers I found buried under the rubbish. I then decided I needed to make some mini mittens. Got out my stash bins because the color of Palette I really wanted wasn't out and promptly added several more skeins to my already overflowing desk. I then sat down and knit a few mittens. My desk remains in shambles.

2. Purple:

Malabrigo worsted. Cowl in seed stitch. Five button holes. No buttons. Yet.

3. Big mittens:

My current pride and joy. Unfortunately, they'll be too short for the recipient, so eventually I must rip the top of the pictured mitt and re-knit. I've knit the cuff of the second mitten and am hoping to finish these by December 1st. We shall see. A slight problem is that I seem to be running out of yarn. I really really really hope that I don't.
4. Baby sweater knit in...acrylic. I really wanted to use wool, but I knew that machine washable and dryable (dryable not a word, I know) had to take top priority for this gift. At least it's soft?