Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Case of the Exploding Queue

I've been knitting a lot lately.

But it's not showing.

I have two projects I really really need to finish and some ancient wips that I've resolved to ignore (but that are still taunting me).
I knit more than 6" (over some 150+ stitches and in sportweight, gah!) in one day and I don't have a finished or near-finished product to show for it.
And I'm getting a little frustrated.

My Ravelry queue is (as my title suggests) exploding. I buy a yarn, think of a perfect project and queue it. I see a project that inspires me and queue the pattern. I decide I need a new top to wear and queue another pattern (or five). Now I have 38 items queued.

My "head queue" (which is the more unreasonable of the two) is also threatening me. For some reason I haven't been sleeping all that well and rather than being the morning person I usually am (after I've had breakfast at least) I've been becoming a night at 11 pm I have all these design or project ideas coming to me in record numbers. I used up several pages in my design notebook in just a few nights. And now I really really want to knit some of these ideas.

But my wips persist.

The first is the checkerboard scarf which is for a birthday gift (I don't need to have this done until mid August, but the sooner I cast off, the better I'll feel about casting on for something new).
Two, my design project (the one that is seemingly endless).

They are both formidable projects.

And I imagine I'll be knitting for awhile.

So I've resigned myself that the exploding queues on Ravelry and in my head will just have to wait.

But my Malabrigo from Christmas is still calling to me. (I mean look at that skein...and I have two more too!)
And I'm still going to write that chart that's floating around in my head.
I guess I'll just have to knit faster.

But in the meantime I'm going to dash over to Rav and see if I can't do something about that queue.


Celestial said...

before you know it you'll have a plethora of finished projects. Some times when I'm re-knitting a ripped project or knitting what feels like miles of stockinette I try to remind myself to enjoy the journey. If knitting wasn't so much fun it'd be easire to just buy the clothes/products.

CanarySanctuary said...

Yeah, I got me one of those too. I've resigned myself to the consta-super queue. The FOs do eventually trickle in - I'm sure it'll be the same for you!