Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Weekend...

As you may have noticed, I didn't get a chance to blog about any of my new projects this weekend.
It was a busy one.
Here's what happened on the knitting front:
I had blogged briefly awhile back about a new design project I started. Well, it had been set aside for a more important project (that will be blogged eventually) and I finally got a chance to pick it back up this weekend.

I had modified a lace pattern to use in the project and found some problems, not with the lace pattern, but with my knitting of it, and decided to frog.

Several thousand frogged stitches later I went back to one of my original considerations for the lace pattern.

And began knitting.

And knitting.
And knitting.

Then I examined my knitting.

And realized I should have done that a bit earlier.

The lace pattern looked strikingly familiar...I thought about it for a bit then dashed over to the computer and began scouring Ravelry.
Sure enough one of the most popular patterns in the same category as mine had the exact same lace pattern as the one I was knitting into my project.
And since I didn't take any time to modify this pattern as I had with the other previous lace pattern I had been knitting, I was stuck.
I'd done so much knitting that at this point I couldn't bear to frog again. I resigned myself to the fact that at the very least I would be able to enjoy my project, even if I couldn't sell the pattern for it.

But, after sitting back and thinking on it for a bit I realized my design is really so different then the pattern I saw on Rav that it may end up working out, even if the patterns do use the same lace pattern...
I also did a little more research and found the stitch pattern in more dictionaries beside my own...so it's not a very unique lace pattern either...
We'll see how it goes, I should be finished with the project in about another week so I'll see about posting some photos etc. here and getting some opinions.

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