Sunday, May 3, 2009

The plight of season change.

You know you have a problem when you begin searching closet for a spring top and upon finding nothing, begin browsing Ravelry instead of dashing off to the mall.

I may have that problem.

And because of it, I'm currently having a massive startitis attack.

I'm knitting the Lace Top (photos are coming!) and I'm loving it. But, it's not going fast enough (arguably I could actually knit on it, which may solve the problem).

And I need spring clothes. Soon. Even though the air still holds a chill left over from winter, there is no denying that spring is here and long sleeves just won't cut it anymore.

So, I really need to go clothes shopping.

But I hate clothes shopping.

I would much rather peruse Ravelry for hours trying to locate the perfect pattern and yarn than spend hours trying on clothes just to be disappointed in my efforts. You see, I'm notoriously picky. Because of that, I've been know to find the perfect top just to place it back on the rack because it has an unfortunately placed bow, gather, or other embellishment.

In the face of this problem, I've found a friend in knitting. Now, before even beginning a project I can modify the pattern to my heart's content and address all of the issues that would bother me if I found the top in a clothing store.

The only problem? I can't keep up. I have dozens of tops I'd love to knit, but knitting time is scarce and I've suddenly remembered that knitting isn't exactly an instant gratification sport.

Instead of perusing Rav, I should actually be knitting, then I might have hope.

But for now, I think I've resigned myself. I need to go shopping. And not on Ravelry and WEBS.


Celestial said...

Have you decided what to do with the ribbing?

Ellen said...

Well, almost. I'm going to knit the rest of the top (about 3" of the body left, and then attach the sleeves and do the raglan decreases) then I'll re-evaluate. I'm leaning towards the drawstring though...