Saturday, March 14, 2009

Diamond Lace Scarf

Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow Jewels Heather (0.8 sk?)
Needle: size 4 circ
Made for: Gift
1. CO 40sts
2. worked on size 4 needles
3. Eliminated border because it was way too large on my scarf version of this stole pattern.
4. In place of border, I knit a 6 rows on each short end of scarf and then when I blocked the scarf I just pinned the edges (on both the long and short sides) into scallops.

An attempt to be a creative photographer:
The pattern was good, it was very simple to knit. I memorized the chart pretty quickly. I like the way the pattern looks knit in Shadow; the version in the book (knit with a mohair yarn) is really pretty too, but I love the definition of the stitches in a less fuzzy merino.

I was hoping to use this project to try out a knitted-on border, but since that didn't pan out, my next choice from VLT will probably be a larger project that is more conducive to borders!

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Jennifer said...

Great photos. I think you hit your mark. Lovely knitting too!