Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I've been up to...

I haven't blogged for awhile so I figured I'd give a quick heads up of where I'm at with all the crafty goodness I've been working on. :)

The Coin Lace Scarf is nearing completion (about 80% is done) and I should have it blocked and blogged by this Saturday afternoon. I won't say what colour it is yet, but you'll see that soon enough. ;)

I got a pretty bad case of startitis this week with the sewing. I have three fabric baskets in progress, I started (and completed, yay!) a Barbie dress from a vogue pattern (the dress was not simple to sew, but it's very easy to take on/off Barbie which is good, since it will be gifted to a child) and I've got several more projects waiting to be cut out and sewn up.
My sewing machine and I have been getting along a lot better as I've been sewing with it more. It still occasionally creates "ramen noodle seams", but that's nothing a seam ripper can't fix.

I picked up the drop spindle again this week and am spinning the last half of the merino top I bought several months back. I'm definitely seeing improvement in my spinning, this batch is far more even and smooth than the last batch.
I'm inspired to try and finish spinning this top soon because there are several new fibers at my LYS I want to try, but I'm not letting myself purchase anymore until I use up the top that I have.

At any rate, I'll try to get photos of this week's progress posted by Saturday, along with the Coin Lace Scarf FO post. :)

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Celestial said...

Lots of good stuff in the works!