Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Merino Handspun

I've been working periodically on spinning with a drop spindle. I bought 3oz of fiber a few months ago and have spun about half.

The dye bled a little when I first washed it, but after a quick rinse it was fine.
This is a merino top, which I enjoyed spinning.
I had a lot of problems with the singles breaking as I spun, due to "too much fiber, not enough spin" syndrome. I'm gradually improving though. :)
Now I just have to spin the second half of the fiber. The spindle starts to lose its balance after a certain amount of yarn-to-be is wound onto it, so I opted to spin two skeins.
I'll probably knit this into fingerless mitts or a cowl, it will have to be something small.
Fiber: Merino Top
Spun: approx 1.5 oz
Yield (plied): approx 107 yds
Weight: Laceweight to DK (yes, I need to work on spinning evenly!)


Celestial said...

So are you happy I twisted your arm into purchasing something other than blue?

I'm glad for it (evil laugh)

Not that there is anything wrong with blue, or green for that matter. You just have a lot of it and needed to branch out a little ;)

Ellen said...

Oh yes!

I love the colour, it's good to try new things. :D

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Very pretty, will make lovely fingerless mittens!