Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold Weather

The cold weather lately has prompted many of my winter knits to become very useful indeed.

Yesterday morning I went to church wearing Corona, Paraphernalia socks, Koigu mitts and my Blueberry cowl. That's a lot of handknits!

I've been thinking of lots of knits I want to start, including:

Malabrigo mittens: I like these Plait Cable Mittens, but I haven't decided yet. I think I'll knit up a swatch today.

Selbuvotter mittens: Really want to start these, maybe I'll knit these and the Malabrigo mitts simultaneously.

Entrelac Cowl: Celestial recently made an amazing entrelac scarf (blogged here and here), knit in the round to avoid the "wrong side dilemma". She seamed the edges when she was done knitting to finish it, but I was recently thinking, what if I did something similar except, added a rib or garter stitch border and didn't seam? She also blocked it really hard, which I love, I think a cowl blocked like that would look pretty neat.
I checked on Ravelry and it looked like there was a pattern similar to what I'm thinking, but I might just improvise this one.

Lace Scarf: I also want to knit a scarf for a good friend, the only problem is that if the temperature warm up I might not finish it in time for it to even be of use!

Just a note, I forgot to mention on the last post that I've recently employed comment moderation to avoid spam.
And thanks for all the comments on Corona, I've already worn it several times and am still loving it!

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Jennifer said...

I've been sporting the handknits like mad too.
Entrelac is something I want to try. I'd love a Lady Eleanor Scarf but I don't have the confidence that I'd actually finish it. That's a lot of entrelac.