Friday, December 5, 2008


I recently finished Paraphernalia and my Koigu wristwarmers and now I seem to be...stuck.

I tried starting a pair of mittens, but they were much to large, about 3in of positive ease. I got gauge, but is that size standard for mittens? My hands are 7" around the knuckles and when I calculated gauge x CO# the mittens are supposed to measure 10" when complete...hmmm.
At any rate, I switched patterns to the Yellow Harvest mittens, but since I was knitting them at much smaller gauge than suggested they turned out a little too small and are now going to the frog pond. I like the pattern a lot though, so I'll probably try them again in the future.

I recently took advantage of the great Thanksgiving day sale at Michael's to buy some Patons merino wool for my sweater stash. I usually don't do the after Thanksgiving shopping thing, but for yarn I can make exceptions! I got up about 8:30am (the store opened at 6 I believe) and didn't get out the door til almost 10:00 (I know, ouch) but luckily there was still tons of yarn left. The store wasn't even that busy, which was a little surprising.

I ended up getting the yarn for about $2.75 ea, almost 50% off. I really like this yarn too, very soft (merino!) and at 223yds per skein it was a fantastic deal!
The green (which looks a little brown in the photo) will be for Bella Paquita.

As for the blue, I haven't decided yet. I was thinking Francis Revisited, but I think that sweater will work better with the suggested alpaca/alpaca blend.

Now, I'd love to start on Bella Paquita or Corona (the hoodie I bought Cascade 220 for) either of which I know would get back me into some seriously exciting knitting, however, I must wait until after Christmas to start another sweater (long story). This brings me back to the theme of this post...I've hit a stalemate.
Not having a project on the needles feels very odd. I've been working on the stockings, but they get finished so quickly that they don't even seem to count as projects!
And so I go into the weekend without a good knitting project to keep me busy, which is extraordinarily depressing...I think I need a cookie.


pdxknitterati said...

I've been baking, not knitting, today. I think we both need a cookie. Except these cookies are for Sunday. Do you think they'd notice if one or two were missing? ;-

Jennifer said...

Great buy! I am using this yarn now on a hat. I had a client bring me 4 balls of it. Too bad the harvest mittens were too small. They look super cute,

Celestial said...