Monday, December 1, 2008

Mmm, pie.

As promised, a few photos of the pies...rather bad photos, since excepting a lone shot of the Pumpkin pie I didn't get a chance to photograph them until Friday evening...

Though this isn't my first time making pie, I'm still learning...a lot.

I didn't cook the gooey pecan goodness (filling) long enough while it was on the stovetop, so the pie ended up being a little soupy. I actually had a little double boiler trouble which sort of contributed to the problem...speaking of which, I still need to try to unstick those pans...

Photo: Pumpkin Pie and a UFO (well, it's the pecan pie, but would you know if I didn't tell you?)

The pumpkin pie however was perfection, the American Test kitchen books are right on!
Regarding the crust however, I overmixed it so it puffed and got a little deformed in the oven, it was still yummy though!

Evidence: pre baking (isn't it pretty!)

Evidence: Post baking (bleh)

And there it is, my Thanksgiving contributions!
I'm hoping to try a different kind of pie for Christmas, perhaps a cream pie or even just a simple apple pie.


Jennifer said...

Your pre-baked shell is beautiful! I'm not very good at making the shell look lovely. I bet the pies were yummy!

Celestial said...

*cough* raspberry rhubarb *cough*

CanarySanctuary said...

Ooo, it looks yummy. Soupy or not, I'm sure the taste was fanTAStic :)