Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Take Two" Socks

Ravelry Project Page
With the toe pattern from the "Humble Sock goes Toe Up"
Needle: Size 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot Colourway:Meadow
Size: Women's (USA) 9
Length: from the end of the instep decreases, the legs measure almost 9"

Bearfoot is a beautiful yarn, it has a nice halo and is slightly thicker and more loosely spun/plied than other sock yarns. However, the mohair (which creates the halo) also makes these socks a bit itchy.
The colourway has a lot of depth as well, you get that beautiful handpainted look while maintaining subtlety at the same time.

I linked these to the Nancy Bush Pattern because while this is just a simple 3x1 rib, I decided on it after seeing the example and reading through the pattern while paging through my copy of Knitting Vintage socks. I made these toe-up and worked them at the same time, but on different needles, which was nice because I always manage to make a tangled mess of the two-at-a time magic loop method.
I could have knit probably about an additional 1 1/2 to the legs of these socks, but I didn't want to start calf increases so I just worked 2" of 1x1 rib and cast off.
I liked the heel pattern I chose (fits really well) but I wasn't really sure where to begin rib pattern for the entire leg, so I just started after the instep decreases. Looks a little odd, but oh well! I'm very happy to have another pair of warm wool socks, I really love wearing them.
I've also cast on for a Lina hat, I love the definition of twisted stitches!

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful yarn. I like patterns that show off the yarn and this one did the trick. Nothing like handknitted socks at the beginning of fall!