Friday, October 3, 2008

Colour Theme?

I was recently glancing over my Ravelry project page when I noticed a definite theme. Green and blue, that's pretty much been the extent of my knitting colour choices lately.

Hmm. I decided to do a bit of stash diving and see if I couldn't come up with a project using some different colours...

I started a pair of socks using this (sorry about the terrible pic!):

But I soon realized, this is really nice yarn (I had realized before when I dug deep into my yarn budget to pay for it, but I guess the significance still hadn't quite hit me!) and I knew I'd regret using it for a project that would see so much wear. As an alternative project, I first thought of the February Baby sweater then the Baby Surprise Jacket...these patterns were fresh in my mind, seeing as a February baby sweater was just completed over here (one of my favorite blogs to read!) and a Baby Surprise will soon be knitted over at Nebula Designs, the yarn was just handspun recently too. But, as I contemplated the idea further I realized I don't know anyone who is having a baby, so knitting a baby jacket wouldn't exactly be...productive.

I tossed around a couple more ideas then reluctantly put the skein back into the stash.

I then dug around a bit more and found this:

The yarn from my frogged garter rib socks. This was my first pair of socks using "the good yarn" so when I started knitting I wanted to be "gentle" with the yarn and above all, NOT make any mistakes. So much for that.
I proceeded knitting ridiculously loosely (being "gentle") and ended up with a sock that sort of fit my foot. Not too big, just some positive ease. The second sock though, I knit even more loosely, trying to obtain the same gauge (not that I bothered measuring it before completing the entire sock anyway!). And so, I had one sock that "sortof fit" and another sock that well, was more of a Christmas stocking. Nice.

I frogged the socks a few months back:

After finding the yarn I decided to once again knit a rib pattern, this time a simple 3x1 pattern.

I've now progressed to the heel portion of each sock, I'm knitting them toe-up and using this heel pattern. I first saw it done here, and I really loved the look, so I decided to go ahead and try it out. I'm really pleased with it, fits great and looks great. :) I'll get photos up soon!

As far as the Vanalinn gloves go...four fingers left to knit...I'll see if I can muster up the energy to finish them up this weekend, the fingers are super-fiddly and take forever on 7" dpns...

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Jennifer said...

You're breaking out of blues and green. I didn't even realize how much blue and green I knit until someone at knit night commented on how I always knit something green or buy green yarn! Good luck on the socks and enjoy the good yarn