Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Signs of Autumn

I love Autumn. The air is crisp, the trees are radiant, and it's just cool enough to pull out old hoodies, sweaters and (my favorite!) jeans. Baking warms up the kitchen to cosy temperatures, and fall knits actually start being used!

Yesterday was technically the first day of fall, but I celebrated it today with a batch of fresh molasses cookies. Yes, the baking took me away from more important tasks, but it was worth it. The spicy aroma filled the air and slowly brought back all the familiar memories of fall.

I used the recipe from this cookbook, it's definitely my favorite.
If you decide to make these cookies, the recipe notes that they must come out of the oven while still undercooked (10-12mins cook time) and then cool for 10mins, this creates a perfect cookie. Be sure to check your oven temp and only cook for the recommended time because they will come out of the oven soft no matter how long you cook them...even if you burn them (ask me how I know). It's the cooling process that finishes cooking them and makes them nice and chewy.

A cup of tea and a warm cookie, one of many Autumn delights.


CanarySanctuary said...

I love this post! I was just thinking the same things. Autumn is my favourite time for the same reasons you list here.
I love molasses cookies (my favourite gingerbread ones are made with an awful lot of this!)
You've inspired me - here comes the Gingerbread Folks!

Jennifer said...

You know, I don't think I've ever had molasses cookies. I wonder if they are in my new cookbook? They look wonderful. Perfect for fall.