Friday, June 6, 2008

Will it be Enough?

After becoming a Knitter, I began reading the Yarn harlot's blog. She soon instilled in me an intense fear of...running out. Running out of yarn that is (especially on prolonged visits to "fiberless" zones). This fear has continually been present in my mind and though my stash doesn't represent it quite yet (it all fits in the box that my Knit Picks order came in), the amount of yarn I bring with me on road trips certainly does.

The current road trip I am going on includes a 16hr drive which will be done twice, thus equating to 32hrs. In light of this (and the fact that the only place for fiber refills is a Hobby Lobby) I realized that this time, I must be absolutely sure to have enough yarn.

So, this morning, ignoring my other dilemmas (mainly that I still needed to pack a toothbrush and some clothes) I began packing my various knitting stuff (fondling merino for 16hrs without knitting a single stitch of its gloriousness could get a little frustrating).

So, to begin I packed my Jawalkers, which I am working two at a time on the Magic Loop. Only an inch of ribbing had been completed per sock. An ideal project.

But, knowing that this would not be enough I grabbed my Shetland Triangle as well.

Logically reasoning with myself I knew that this would be enough...or would it?
The sheer impossiblity of knitting up over a thousand yds of yarn (880 of it being laceweight) in 32hrs meant that I was covered...but then, I began to think, what if I did run out?
The pain of sitting 16hrs simply staring at my handiwork or playing with my digital camera reinstilled itself in me and I began racking my brain for other projects to bring.

Then I secret project! Perfect. (In case you're wondering, the reason why I am keeping this project secret is so that in case I end up making a giant house cozy no one can say that wasn't my intention.)

Anyway, finally I'm ready. (We won't dicuss the three extra patterns I stuffed in my bag just in case I had time to kill and a bit of leftover yarn)

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Celestial said...

Hon, welcome to the world of knitting. Glad you're here :)