Monday, June 2, 2008

Vanilla Spindle Socks

Pattern:Spindle Socks
by Anna Bell

Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style (two skeins)

Needle: Addi turbo size 0 (2mm)
Gauge: It varied…substantially.

I really enjoyed this pattern and will definitely knit it again. The socks were quick to knit, and the cable pattern was very charming. These socks will see a lot of wear, the yarn is so soft! In the future I will probably use this pattern to make a few pairs as gift socks.

I made my socks to fit a women's 9 (US) shoe size. My gauge was as follows:

First sock (measured on the foot area) :7sts per inch
Second sock (measured on the foot area) :8 sts per inch

Yup, I had some issues.

In short, the first sock fits perfectly and the second sock...doesn’t.
You see, while knitting the first sock, I ‘compensated’ for my usual large gauge, and this turned out well, resulting in a cool 7sts per inch.

But when I got to the second sock, I was much too focused on 'compensating' which led to ‘overcompensation’. Thus the second sock fits…but very tightly.

I have tried two-at-a-time Magic Loop socks, which solved all my gauge problems (I consistently make inconsistently sized sock-mates) I just didn't like it that much. But I will be trying it again as I cast on (for the fifth time) for my Jaywalkers.

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