Thursday, June 19, 2008

It was Enough

It turns out that the amount of yarn I brought on my road trip was indeed enough. It was actually a little too much (go figure), but since I knit more enthusiastically when "rotating" between several projects (I brought three) I still made significant progress on all of them.

I've almost finished my Jaywalkers, and I love them for ever so many reasons (more on that when I actually finish knitting them).

Right now, rather than knitting (much to my annoyance), I've been working on cleaning up my workspace so that I have room to accomplish some craftiness. That includes working on stash, WIP, and FO organization. Since I've started knitting with natural fibers I'm a little nervous about putting my stuff just anywhere. I'm thinking about some airtight Rubbermaid containers, or the zip-top bag "yarn pancake" method. My main concern right now is moths. Ick.

On a completely random note, if you're on Ravelry (or flickr), this little guy may look familiar:

Yup, my Ravatar. In addition to knitting, for the last few years I've been working on designing and sewing artist teddy bears (my Ravatar being one of them). Currently, I have several teddies that ought to have been finished a long time ago and now that my schedule has cleared up a bit, I'll be able to work on them again...after organizing my stash.

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misplacedpom said...

But who are you on Ravelry? Friend me! (Wow, that sounds desperate but it's the way I keep up with blogs ;) )Also if you want my left over sock yarn let me know! I got it for free in a raffle so I'm more than happy to pass on the 48g I have left.