Sunday, December 29, 2013

Peppermint Cigarette Russes


The sugar coma.

One of my favorite holiday traditions.

As I was browsing through Smitten Kitchen recently, I stumbled upon this recipe. Cigarette Russes.

Though I was looking for a cheesecake recipe (ahem), I couldn't resist bookmarking these cookies and giving them a try the next day.

The recipe requires baking three or four small circles of batter at a time spread thinly onto a baking sheet. After several minutes of baking the cookies are carefully rolled around a chopstick (or something similar) and left for a few minutes to set before the chopstick is removed. It took a few tries for me to get the hang of it.
And it's worth noting that when you're only baking three cookies at a time, you will be baking for some time! I eventually got into a rhythm of switching my cookie sheets out so it went faster, but it was still a while before I finished.

Some notes:
If you underbake them, they roll up nicely, but then refuse to crisp up.
If you overbake them, they are a bit too crispy on the edges to roll up nicely. Finding the perfect time to pull them out of the oven is a challenge. However, the results are rewarding when they're just right.

Did I mention, they are simply delicious?

I added peppermint extract to the batter (good decision, I congratulated myself) and dipped them in a healthy coat of chocolate.

A simple cookie recipe with a challenging execution.
They look fancy (though please dip yours in chocolate more carefully than I did) and taste delicious.

Highly recommended indeed.

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