Friday, June 3, 2011

Featherweight Cardigan

So after an extended hiatus, I've finally returned to this blog. I didn't manage to get much knitting (or crafting in general) while I was away at school, but I did finish this cardi up in the few weeks after finals were over.


Quite happy with the way this turned out. Very simple, but very wearable. Also, there is something to be said for a simple stockinette stitch piece when one is trying to jump back into knitting ;)

I enjoyed working with this yarn. I would reccomend knitting it at a large gauge though (this was perfect). My first attempt with this yarn was for Arisag, and at that smaller gauge I felt the fabric was too stiff.

Just as fun to knit as the first time :)


I did make a few mods to the pattern. Namely, lengthening the cardi and opting for 2x2 rib instead of a stockinette collar.

For the lengthening, I definitely should've added waist shaping, it drapes kind of oddly in the front at the moment.

For the collar, the 2x2 rib is currently ruffling up, which could be due to the cast off, or because I picked up too many stitches. Either way, I'll need to figure out a fix, because sadly blocking didn't improve matters.


Also recently, Celeste and I hit up Shepherd's Harvest again this year (goodness, it's already been several weeks since then!). Super fun as usual, though this year I refrained from buying anything. Oddly enough, I was super lazy this year and didn't get any pictures, so check out Celeste's post for those :)

Not sure when I'll be posting at this space next (hopefully more often!), but thank you for visiting! :)



Celestial said...

Hey sweetie. The sweater looks lovely and that shade of purple is great for you!

Anonymous said...

Heya, welcome back! And what a way to come back, that's a great sweater!

Yarny Days said...

That is so cute! Looks great!