Thursday, August 26, 2010


Autumn is just around the corner (yay, I love autumn!) and with it my schedule is changing up as well. The world of academia is calling me into a season of prolonged busyness, which means less time to craft and participate in the crafty blog realm. :(
I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep up with most of my favorite blogs, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write posts. Hopefully some random words or photos every once in awhile, but not much beyond that.

Oh, I really wanted to post about the McCall's 5523 pencil skirt, but I never got to hem it! Hemming a skirt is a lot more time consuming than I expected! But I really loved the pattern, very easy to sew and really cute. My skirt is just a little big on me (the wool I sewed it with had more stretch than the muslin I used to test the pattern) but it fits my sister quite well, so that worked out nicely. Will definitely be sewing another one of these soon, I love all options for the back panel, it'll be a lot fun to try them out!

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