Monday, May 17, 2010

Shepherd's Harvest-Fiber!

I love each of these purchases. As you can see, I began spinning the blend of wool, pygora, mohair, silk. It's a roving and pretty easy to spin. A bonus was that it was only $2 an ounce. It's spinning up as maybe a worsted or DK weight and I'm not quite sure what I'll knit with it when I finish.
I purchased about 11oz of some wool fiber Celeste and I ran across after buying from the Winterwind Farms booth. The fiber was only $1.13 per ounce and super soft. It has a lot of vegetable matter in it and the sheep breed was unnamed, but I decided to go for it anyway. I'm planning on spinning it up fairly fine (fingering weight or sport) for a sweater project.
I think my favorite purchase is the BFL top from Briar Rose Fibers. Their booth was one of the first we looked at and I knew I really wanted to purchase something from them. Their prices are fairly high so I ended up deciding to wait until I'd made some other purchases, but at the end I came back and got this roving. I'm very excited to spin this one!

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