Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FO: Olympic Blues

Yikes, I haven't blogged in quite a while! It's been a very busy last few weeks, but thankfully things are slowing down again so I have some time to write a bit.

As you Ravelers will know, I finished my Olympic Blues cardigan within the time limit and was very happy to have done so! It was certainly a lot of knitting!

Knitting Olympics Medal
Overall, I'm not entirely thrilled with this project. At first when I tried it on, I loved it. But after a quick peek in the mirror, I was a bit disillusioned. The drape of the cardigan makes it sortof swing out around the body, which means any waist I have disappears and so it accents my hips.

I think I'd like to try this with a belt, because I prefer the way it looks when pulled around more like a blazer shape. If I ever purchase a belt (finding a cute one that fits my waist is a challenge...they're all too big to wear at that point!) I'll get some more photos to show you what it looks like. Otherwise, I may consider adding a button closure with a crocheted button loop.

Ok, sorry! Now for the positive!

The yarn is pretty nice, it blocked soft and drapey and is fairly comfortable to wear. I like the stitch pattern and the sweater is cozy to wear (though the construction tends to make it feel like it may fall off my shoulders) so I know I'll get use from it. And of course, since I finished it in 17 days I don't feel like I wasted eons of knitting on it! Even though I sort of did...I just don't feel like I did. ;)

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Celestial said...

I still think it looks cute!