Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

2010 is going to be a big year for me for many different reasons, but here I'm going to take a few paragraphs to outline my crafty goals for the new year.

1. Eight Sweaters. One of my goals this year is to knit eight sweaters. For my purposes "sweaters" will be defined as dresses, pullovers, cardigans, or vests. It'll all even out in the end. I'm counting Audrey as my first sweater (since I'll be finishing her in 2010).

2. Three Designs. This year I really want to knit up some more of my designs I've been working on, so my official goal is to knit three patterns that I can publish for free or sale.

3. Sew Garments. I want to work at improving my sewing skills and hopefully gain some cute clothes in the process. My goal here is to sew at least four tops. In order to count, they must be made from good fabric, be well-sewn, and ultimately be wearable.

4. Spinning. My goal for spinning is to create yarn that is more consistent. I'm going to take pains to develop a more solid drafting style and spinning rhythm. If I see enough improvement by the time this fiber festival rolls around, I'm going to purchase enough fiber for a sweater's-worth of yarn. Of course, if I don't see enough improvement I'll purchase fiber anyway, just in slightly smaller quantities. ;)

So there it is, my goals for craftiness in 2010!


CanarySanctuary said...

Such a great list! I'm looking forward to your yarn journey.

Celestial said...

Sounds like great goals!