Sunday, November 1, 2009


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Pattern: Inspired by Francis Revisited
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This was a great knit. Even though it's a sweater, it still became my "mindless knitting" project. Just basic stockinette with a little 1x1 rib and some shaping thrown in. I've already worn this a lot. It's really versatile and having the extra warmth around my neck from the cowl is perfect for chilly fall days.

I'd love to make this again someday with a really luxurious yarn, it's a simple enough pattern that a great yarn would really have a chance to shine. The yarn I used for this was Patons Classic Merino (bought before Patons changed the blend to what is essentially "misc wool") and it's holding up really nicely. As I mentioned when I started this project, the yarn was already knit up into a sweater that didn't turn out so well. After I frogged that sweater and washed the yarn, it went back very closely to its original state and appears to have survived the ordeal nicely.
Overall I'm very excited about this sweater and right now it's all I can do to stop myself from casting on for another sweater project. But Christmas presents must come first!

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Celestial said...

Very sweet and an excellent fit for you