Monday, November 2, 2009

Blown Away

Apparently I'm the last to know about the Kim Hargreaves pattern book, Precious (unless I unwittingly faved a pattern on Ravelry without realizing where it originated). But oh my, now I that know...I'm utterly blown away.

I was intrigued by my LYS noting that a new Kim Hargreaves book came into the shop, so I googled Kim and immediately found her gorgeous website and patterns. The knits in her latest collection are just fantastic, and the photography and styling? Stunning.

I love love love the cabled dresses, but this model seems to be a lot slimmer than I'll ever be. Yeah, I work out and I'm definitely in shape, but unfortunately "in shape" and "skinny enough to wear a cabled dress that will add at least a few pounds to one's frame especially to any parts of one's frame that are in constant rebellion against slimming down" aren't exactly synonyms.

Bah. I want me a cabled dress ;(

I won't post the photos directly on this post, but seriously, check these links out if you haven't seen them yet. The photography alone is worth it.

I think I gave a little squeak when I saw this one. Can you get cuter than that? I think this one would be a little more forgiving to the hips than the other option: Aaren

Roko on Ravelry is currently knitting one of these though and I'm eagerly awaiting the result:

Of course either of these dresses would of course take A LOT of yarn to complete. As in, I'd have to starve my stash for a good six months to compensate.

Honestly, I could go on and on. I think I love every piece in this book. Sigh. Off to dream dreams of gorgeous knitwear and completely ignore the reality of my non-selfish Christmas gift knitting experiment.

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Celestial said...

The patterns in the book are very sweet. But I could be drawn to them more because of the color range.