Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WIP: Lovegood Cardigan

I finished the lace top yesterday; I still have a few ends to weave in, but I wanted to get started on the blocking process right away, since cotton takes so long to dry. I know that technically the ends should be woven in before blocking, but I threw caution to the wind in the hopes of being able to wear a dry sweater to church on Wednesday. ;) I'll have the FO photos by Wednesday or Thursday.
Yesterday, in addition to finishing the lace top, I cast on for the Lovegood cardi. I'm really excited about this cardigan. It's a top-down raglan, which is new to me, and I'm enjoying the construction. I'm making a few mods, one of which is a smaller neckline (I loved the wide neckline in the original, but decided the smaller neckline would be more wearable for me).

It's going pretty fast too (though the increases do slow it down a bit) I went from this:

To this:

In an evening of knitting.
Hmm, that actually doesn't look like that much knitting in retrospect, but I felt that I made substantial progress at the time. ;)
This past weekend was wonderful, on Saturday I spent the day with Celeste. She blogged briefly about it here. She helped me learn how to use a spinning wheel and I had so much fun with it! I made this little skein of yarn (46.2yds) and started also started spinning singles with some of the merino I bought at the fiber festival.

This skein is waaay underspun. It was falling apart as I unwound it from the wheel :(
It's very soft though. :)

My current singles are going pretty well, I think they are still a little underspun, but they won't fall apart this time! I think they're fairly even too.
As we spun, we watched one of my favourite movies, Jane Eyre (it's right up there with this edition of Pride and Prejudice ). Celeste really liked it too :)

Toby Stephens is fantastic in the role of Edward Rochester. It's a brilliant movie. I highly recommend it! :)

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Celestial said...

I might have already bought Jane Eyre and watched the first DVD while finishing up spinning the bamboo and knitting some

It was that GOOD!

The new sweater looks sweet, can't wait to see it in person.