Friday, May 15, 2009

The end of the old and the beginning of the new.

I'm finally knitting the last rows (ok, about 4" worth) of the Lace Top. I'm excited about it too. So far it's looking good. ;)

Anyway, because I'm nearing the end of that project, I know I'll need a new project, perhaps as soon as tomorrow!
I have the Aeolian shawl on the needles but I'm SO not motivated to work on it. I also don't feel like reading the directions for the edging. (whistles nonchalantly) I want to knit something relaxing and a bit mindless.

I have some design stuff I really need to work on, but personally even though I enjoy designing, it's definitely NOT relaxing knitting. So for now, designing is out.

What to do?

I have several sweaters in my Rav queue I really want to cast on for. Unfortunately I don't have the patterns for my current favorites: Pucker by Norah Gaughan and the Classic Silk Open Cardi by Pam Allen.

My LYS has the Norah Gaughan book, but the Classic Elite book is trickier, I'm going to a new yarn store tomorrow and I'll see if they have it there. I don't really like ordering online unless I have to so I'm hoping to find it in a shop somewhere!

I also don't have the yarn, and I do want to de-stash a little more before buying more.

But I do have yarn and patterns for:
Arisag by Ysolda and the Lovegood Cardi by CanarySanctuary

I don't want to cast on for Arisag yet, because I think the colour of yarn I chose will fit the Autumn season better than the Spring season. I also might be a little nervous about the the seaming. I may just mod this into a bottom-up raglan actually...

Lovegood. Have the yarn and love it. But, it's closer to a sportweight (Lovegood calls for a DK) so I really need to swatch and evaluate it.

Here it goes I guess!

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Celestial said...

I actually find seaming very rewarding when I take the time to do it well. Plus it adds structure to your piece. I have all day tomorrow to try to convince you of the values and glory of a well-seamed sweater ;)