Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beautiful Handspun

Ok, I'm getting a little "cart ahead of the horse" with this, but I was on Ravelry today scouting out some handspun yarns. I found some beautiful skeins. If you're one of my friends on Ravelry you probably already noticed my frantic favouriting of handspun yarns, but in case you didn't, here are some Ravelry stashes to check out:

myyarns (she actually works at my LYS, and she's a fabulous spinner)





Very fun stuff!

And for wheels, here's what I'm thinking (in case anyone is interested ;) )

If anyone has any suggestions/comments about any of these wheels I'd love to hear them! I do plan on trying all of these out before I make a final decision. I think that will really help me choose!

Basically my criterion are these:

1. Double Treadle
2. Scotch tension (having the ability to spin in double drive as well would be nice, but not necessary)
3. Fast. I want to spin primarily sock yarn and laceweight, so high ratios (14:1 and up) are a must. Some of the wheels I name below have the option of purchasing whorls or flyers to speed the wheel up, which is a nice (although somewhat expensive) option.

1. Lendrum Folding Wheel, Double Treadle (have treadled this one, it's really nice)

2. Schacht Ladybug (I've spun for about 30mins on this one and enjoyed it. But it didn't seem quite as smooth as the Lendrum until I moved it up to faster speed. It's so cute though!)

3. Kromski Sonata

4. Kromski Minstrel

5. Louet Julia

Can you tell all I'm thinking about is spinning lately? ;)
Don't worry though, Lovegood is coming along well, in fact, I may be almost ready to block it by the end of the week!
I'm also finishing up plying the merino top (spun on the drop spindle) that I've been working on, so I'll be blogging about that soon too. :)

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