Friday, April 17, 2009


Yummy. New yarn.
"Lara" from in white.

I worked on a small swatch this week to start on the project (by the way, by small I mean a pitiful 30st in-the-round swatch). I used a size 2 (2.75mm), 3, 4, and 5 and knit about an inch and a half with each needle (yes, it's official, I'm a lazy swatcher).

I achieved perfect gauge with the 5 and was a hair off with the size 4 (it would probably translate to about a .5"-1" in the finished sweater). I prefer the fabric made by the size 4, so I think that's what I'm going to knit the sweater with. I also got the chance to show it to Celeste, and she agreed that the size 4 looked the best. She also suggested knitting a larger swatch to ensure that over the hundreds of stitches required for sweater the yarn wouldn't behave differently. Will do. ;) I'm imagining the yarn will stretch a bit in a larger garment, so I think the 4 will end up being perfect.

I have also had this next skein casually shoving itself at me every time I open the stash box. I finally agreed to let it out and begin the swatching process.
Lorna's Laces Sock-Colourway: Liberty
This skein was my Christmas gift from Celeste, and I was really excited about it, because literally a few days before she gave it to me, I had seen this colourway on someone's blog and became really curious about how it would knit up. Then I received my very own skein!

So far, I'm quite enjoying it. :)

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