Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drawstring Bag

Yes! I finally finished this bag...no thanks to my sewing machine.

We had a brief truce, but to make a long story short, I had to finish the bag by hand.

I think I'm going to mess around with the bobbin tension and see if that helps the problem because sewing by hand isn't really my specialty.

Project Details

Materials: Japanese cotton and some misc lining fabric that I had picked up at Joann's a few years ago. Also, red ribbon for the drawstrings and snaps for the "yarn holder thingys"

Mods: 3" squares instead of 2.5" squares. Ribbon instead of drawstring cord. Aforementioned "yarn holder thingys".

Finished dimensions: Somewhere around 10x12" though I haven't actually measured it...

Verdict: I love it. It's a cute and functional project holder for my knitting. It slides right into my bag that I carry most everywhere. I'll also be making a smaller edition for when I use my smaller purse.

Regarding the drawstrings, I really, really, wanted to use red ribbon for the drawstrings, but the only red that I had in my notions box had come in a "bargain bag" and one piece was short and the other was very long. I used them both anyway, but I think I will either need to switch ribbon colours or go out and buy a new piece of red.

(the short ribbon can be viewed in this photo)

I love these Japanese fabrics so much! I only wish that I had planned a bit better as I was cutting out the squares, because after I sewed all the seam allowances, some of the prints (especially the cute little animal ones!) were cut off.
The seams aren't all perfectly even. At first I tried ripping and re-sewing when they didn't come out perfectly, but soon I just went ahead and kept sewing. I guess it can be a design element, though I'm going to try a bit harder next time.

Maybe one of those large quilting rulers and rotary cutters would be helpful when I cut out the squares...I'll have to look into that...
As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to add a small loop of fabric on each side of the bag to thread yarn through (idea from the GoKnit Pouch). After the sewing machine buttonhole disaster, I decided I didn't even like the resulting buttonholes, so I cut them off the edges of my "fabric loops", re-seamed the loops and sewed on snaps. I just wish I'd have thought of snaps sooner.

The result?

I like it. I've had a few times where my yarn has sort of jumped out its holding container onto what may or may not be a very clean environment. One of my next projects will be made from white yarn, so hopefully these little loops will do their job!

And now I am off to do a little swatching and see if I'll need to buy a new needle for my next knitting project. I also just started the Aeolian Shawl from the recent Knitty and I'm making pretty good progress, though I've already done a little frogging.


Celestial said...

The bag is super cute in person. And honestly I don't even remember one of the ribbons being shorter than the other.

Ellen said...

Thanks! I wanted to get some better photos, but I was impatient to post, so these ones don't show it off very well!