Saturday, January 24, 2009

Socks for mom

Finally finished these. I stayed up till almost midnight a few nights ago knitting and here I am with a pair of finished socks.

They're pretty simple, just a toe up sock knit in 3x1 rib.

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After the heel flap I had to do a little math to figure out where to place the 3x1 rib to continue it where the heel flap on a top down sock would be. That was definitely a pain. Looking back over my notes I can't even figure out how I figured it out on the first sock.

As I pondered the ordeal however for the second sock I realized that the whole thing was easier than I thought.

Basically here is what I did:

1. Knit the heel flap, turned the heel and picked up all the sts
2. Counted total number of sts.
3. Subtracted the # of desired sts (64) from the total # of sts on the needles.
4. I took the result (24) and divided it in half (12). That is the number of sts to decrease on each side of the sock.
5. Then, I counted 12 sts (starting from the last sts of the instep pattern, a purl st for me) and then began the pattern again. AT THE SAME TIME I counted 12 from the other side and marked that with st marker.
6. Then, I knit in pattern until I came to the marker. Then I worked around again incorporating standard sock decreases in the non-pattern area until I had 64sts.

Hope that made sense! Disclaimer: these instructions are probably very, very bad. Use at your own risk :P

My mom really likes these. They fit her perfectly and she loves the colourway. A successful knit!

Now, what to knit next?

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Jennifer said...

These are making me want to cast on for some socks!