Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Le Lapin Noir: My first sweater!

My first sweater! This is the FO post, the post with mods and tips is here. :)

This was so exciting to knit, I had a lot of nervous moments (will it fit? what if doesn't? did I make the right size? what cast off should I use? ) but over all it was a great experience. I definitely have a few areas where I can improve my technique, but I am really pleased that my first sweater turned out so well! It fits and I can actually wear public! The designer was really great, I had to email her a couple of times with questions and she responded almost right away with very helpful answers.

Making a sweater is definitely a serious time investment, I didn't feel like I could really knit anything else while knitting this one, the race to the finish line was definitely intense.

Speaking of finish lines, this was one of my Ravelympics projects (Wips Wrestling) and I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish in time, but here it is! Now I just have to finish up my Fixation socks. I was planning on starting a hat and scarf, but I just don't have any motivation right now so I'll wait on those.

I'll probably dig through my stash and find a yarn I really want to knit up (I'm thinkin' Malabrigo) and start a project I can work on as I feel like it, without a deadline or goal. I sometimes lean toward being a "project knitter" so I have a bit of a tendency to get stressed out about the outcome of certain projects leading to intense knitting situations, like whiplash. I'm going to try work on being more of a "process knitter", I think this will help me relax more when knitting.

So without further ado, the Project Specs:

Rav Project Page
Pattern: Le Lapin Noir

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette: Black (4 skeins), White (about a quarter of a skein), Edamame (about half of a skein)

Needle: Knit Picks 47" circ--1.25 mm (US size 1)
Gauge: 8sts per inch, 11 rows per inch. Row gauge was a bit off, but didn't affect the sweater too much, I just added rows where necessary.
Size: 34"


CanarySanctuary said...

It looks so great. I love your photos, too!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! I love it. Great job from the mods, to the yarn, to the knitting. Fantastic.

Ellen said...

Thanks! It was a really fun knit! :)