Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Philly Cowl

Yup, Malabrigo is most assuredly my new favorite yarn. It's soft, squishy, beautifully dyed, soft, soft, soft...ok it's really soft. :P

Seriously though, I am totally making a sweater out of this stuff...or a giant stole...or a blanket...

Ok, finished diatribing...now for project specs:

I made a 2/3 cowl like Celestial from Nebula Designs and I really like the size. It stretched out during blocking so next time I think I'll knit it at a smaller gauge. The pattern was fairly easy to follow, I had a few moments of confusion on the button band but I think that was my fault. ;)

Pattern: Philly Cowl
Yarn: Malabrigo (did I mention how soft this stuff is)
Needles: size 9 aluminium 14" straights in Pepto Bismol Pink (which was really nice with the Olive Malabrigo)
Gauge: I think I got about 16sts every 4 inches, which means I was off, but I still got a rather good sized cowl

Photos: Thanks to my sis for modeling...
I really love these buttons:

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