Monday, February 15, 2010

Progress: Day 3-4

I had a great time kicking off the Olympics with Celeste on Friday. Though I didn't get a ton of knitting done that night, the pace certainly picked up the next day.

I watched quite a bit of Olympic coverage over the weekend, and my highlights were the Pairs Figure Skating last night and the Speed Skating Short Track 1500m race the night before with Apolo Ohno and J. R. Celski. Great race to watch.

Anyway, here we have the progress of three days of knitting (haven't knit yet today) on Solaris:
Back: Completed
Front piece (both fronts and the collar are in knit in one very long piece): About 8" down.
So far, I'm on track (in fact, I'm ahead of my self-imposed schedule).

I am definitely concerned about yarn quantities. If I don't have enough I will either have to make shorter sleeves or go over the craft store and try to match my dyelots with another skein. Eek.

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